Thank you for contacting CTW.

Please find this reply as confirmation that we at CTW have received your request for services.
Emails are read daily, but as a provider of niche but complex services, the client demand is often higher than the workshop output can keep up with.
Every job is custom made by real people, and some processes take longer than others. Many requests require multiple processes.
Your patience throughout the process is appreciated. 

If you have a firm idea of the service and scope of your needs, please email directly with as much detail as possible. If you have any reference images, sketches or digital files, please attach them here too. 
Critically, we need the dimensions of any object, specific or approximate.

If you have an deadline, whether it be personal or business, please let us know and we will try to accommodate it; but keep in mind that this is not always possible.
Logging your info in this email is the best way to get an accurate quote in the shortest possible time.
Once we have received all the relevant info, we will be in touch.