Prototyping and materials testing are important elements for any new design.


These two processes work hand in hand in the actualisation of your idea, design, or project coming to life. The functionality and life of your design depend heavily on its creation from the right materials. These elements play a significant role in ensuring its success.


Do you have a great new invention or idea?

It is always a good idea to make a model of your idea so that you can see it come to life in 3D. This provides you with a tangible product to use for market testing and allows you to gain experience and knowledge in what is required to make your idea a reality.

Prototyping your idea in a one off or short run will allow you to notice any design or material changes that may be necessary for the success of your project. These mockups will let you gather feedback from users and is a valuable process in creating your final version.

I can help you realise it in 3D and nut out the logistics of manufacture before taking it to the full production stage.


Are you an inventor, designer, or other ideas person that has a final design in hand but isn’t sure how to finalise the look and feel?

Materials testing is important to ensure that your product can perform its intended use and sustain functionality over the course of its life. Different applications and uses have varying requirements and ensuring that your product is made with the right materials can be the make or break of a good idea.

I can help with materials selection and testing to help you get the best final result.

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