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Just as a sculpture is never the same twice, every idea is also different. Custom moulds are made to fit every job uniquely. There are a variety of moulding techniques available and I can help you choose the right fit for the project at hand.

Custom moulds can be created for projects that are big or small, dozens or just one. I can help you get the best result for your piece. Check out some of the most popular and commonly requested types of custom moulds.

Food Moulds | Custom Moulds | Claire Tennant Workshop


Need help with custom food grade moulds? Time to serve up a unique platter? From chocolate to patè get in touch to discuss your custom food mould ideas.

Candle & Soap Moulds | Custom Moulds | Claire Tennant Workshop


Do you want your soaps or candles to stand out from the rest? Are you after a custom mould that you can use to recreate multiple flavours with? Our custom moulds service is perfect to helping your ideas come to life.
Antique Restoration & Bespoke Fitting Reproduction | Custom Moulds | Claire Tennant Workshop


Are you a keen restorer of antiques or furniture? I can take a mould of existing mouldings or parts to finish a pattern, extend a missing part or completely replace a missing element from photos.

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