Casting is the manufacturing process of pouring a liquid into a mould for it to then solidify.

Casting allows single or multiple duplicates to be created of your original piece.

The silicone moulding process allows incredibly accurate and detailed copies to be made from any number of materials.

  • Stone based products and plasters
  • Resins- Polyester, Polyurethane, Epoxy, ‘Water- clear’, flexible, rigid
  • Fiberglass
  • Cold cast alloys including copper, aluminium, brass, and bronze
  • Foams- rigid, flexible, expanding
  • Silicones, Opaque, translucent, soft and flexible, firm and long wearing, stretchy, dense, skin safe, food safe

I can cast single pieces, batches and short casting runs, all the way up to hundreds of pieces.

Once I have created the mould any number of castings can be produced from it.
A ‘gang mould’ or multiple moulds can also be made if a large number of castings is required.

Moulding & Casting | Claire Tennant Workshop