Bring your brand to life!

Branding moulds are a great way to uniquely identify your products and stand out in a crowd. Moulds can be made from food grade or non food grade silicone, depending on your product needs. Bring your brand’s personality to life by including your logo or other imagery or text on your products. From soaps to chocolates, surfboard wax, candles, or key tags, there are many items that moulds can be designed to create.

Personalised moulds can also be created with designs related to seasonal events, themes, or any other idea that aligns with your products and brand.

Branding Mould Products

Here are some products that custom branding moulds are often requested for.

  • Soaps
  • Chocolates
  • Candles & Wax Melts
  • Surfboard Wax Pucks
  • Keyrings
  • Jewelry


Before we can create a mould I first need to create a ‘master set’ of the exact form you are after. You will need to supply me with a file the artwork you wish to use. If you have a vector file, the file creation fee can be avoided.
We can then look at creating your custom forms. This can be done either by laser cutting, etching, or 3D printing.
Once the ‘master set’ has been created, the mould making can begin. Please note the master set only needs to be created once. From that set any number of moulds can be produced (now or in the future).

I can offer both food-grade and non-food grade silicones in a range of firmness.

Laser Cut/Etched Custom Mould Example | CTW - Claire Tennant Workshop

Laser cutting and etching

Has some limitations but provides a very sharp and clean result.

3D printed custom mould example | CTW - Claire Tennant Workshop

3D printing

Allows for more complex designs to be embossed/debossed or both. It also allows radiused edges and a finer level of detail.