The process of embedding an object into a clear resin block might seem like an easy one,
but actually it’s one of the more difficult techniques to achieve with resins…but gee it looks good!

Claire Tennant Workshop - Clear Resin EmbeddingClear resin is a great way to preserve an object in a block (or shape) to handle delicate pieces whilst allowing one to appreciate the fine details.

Displaying a small item within a block can also add importance and gravity to an object.

Resin embedding may appear simple in theory but can be a lengthy process and quite a task to undertake.  There are many factors which effect embedding your desired object/s in clear resin. It is a gradual process that needs to be taken in multiple steps. Due to the heat produced by resin as it cures, layers need to be poured and allowed to cool to reduce the chance of overheating which can lead to cracking.

It is also a one time deal in getting it right as once your piece is embedded, there is no turning back.  Some objects are more difficult to embed than others, especially those with opportunities for creating tiny air pockets.  Bubbles can be formed in the resin embedding process as the resin fills these cavities, pushing air out of them and into the setting material.

There are many techniques used to avoid these issues, however it is good to be aware that they are not always avoidable.  As with anything handmade and once off sometimes the imperfections may be perfections.

Check out the resin embedding gallery for more examples of my work and contact me to discuss any questions or ideas you may have regarding.